Kesha has a Master’s of Science in Human Services, a Certified, Trained Yoga Instructor, Certified Wellness Coach, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Certified Meditation & Energy Healer, Certified Kundalini Yoga, and also certified Kids Yoga. along with other trainings not specified which have quantified and added to her practice.

Kesha is the Founder of ChiMoDa Yoga, LLC, ignited as a push to heal her community and all beings that she come in contact with. Kesha has worked in the Mental and Behavioral Health Field for over 20 years, advocating for families and children who experience Mental, psychiatric, educational and economic challenges. Kesha enjoys providing holistic healing modalities as an healthy additive to any routine one may be already receiving.  Kesha of ChiMoDa yoga provides services that everyone Can benefit from. 

The name ChiMoDa Yoga derived from working with families and translates to Children, Mommies & Daddies, with the goal of healing Children, Women & Families...." ChiMoDa" also exemplifies the "Chi" Life Force Energy  that is within all beings.....


This energy transmits into Light, Love and Peace from yourself to others which energetically passes through communities, cities, states and around the Globe.

NOTE: Unfortunately, Negative Energy also passes through people and communities which creates anger, hostility etc.

Let’s TRANSFORM POSITIVE energy together!

Kesha teaches a Multi-Leveled Class where Beginners and Seasoned Yogis benefit from postures, meditations and movement that enhances health and strength while balancing out emotions and mental vitality.

Kesha has practiced various forms of Yoga with teachers that became her mentors and friends; she infuses into her practice variety that lifts one out of routine and/or monotony.

You are welcome at ChiMoDa Yoga Wellness Space where your Soul will grow and Your energy will flow.

Sat Nam,