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Protect YourAura Mist: is a Healing Elixir made with a Special Blend of 100% Organic & Therapeutic Grade Essential oils:   

Essential Healing  Plants create a unified front to protect your energy from unwanted vibes that try to infiltrate your Light  

These Essential Oils  Heal, Calm & Protect you... This Blend is carefully selected to offer Germ fighting benefits too...Astringent… use to spray hands when soap & water is unavailable to you✨✨

Florida Water give it its natural abilities to protect and serve you while healing your Auric Space. 

The Crystal  infusion has a soothing Melodic Attuning while Protective & Energy Healing Benefits offers Balance to all the Chakras to Protect Your Aura🔮

Other Features to your Aura Mist is its Cosmic Charge bathed under Full Moon🌝
Take with you , Carry in your purse, car &  Use to transform your space, lift your Vibrations & Raise your Frequency🔮
Allergic Reaction May occur-test 1st
On wrist or elbows
Sage Smudge Stick burns away negative & toxic energies, emotions & entanglements to people places & things that do not benefit your greater good